Academy Misadventures is the series this wiki is based on. It was created by Stiltlet on November 28, 2016.


Academy Misadventures was originally part of a series called TARS. It was occasionaly featured as a recurring comic type, but when TARS ended, Academy Misadventures became its own series, with a few character changes.

Art StyleEdit

For the characters, the art style is very simplistic. Every character, with the exception of Miss Robot and Miss Robot 2.0. has black dots for eyes. All characters have sticks for arms and legs as well. Vinc does this to keep the designs simple, but doesn't try making them completely terrible. He focuses more on the content of the comics than the way the art is shown. Sometimes, characters have necks, but this isn't in every comic/artwork.


Trivia Edit

  • Academy Misadventures shares its abbreviation with the American College for Advancement in Medicine. [1]