Comic 1
Disguises of Miss Robot
is the first comic in Academy Misadventures. It was made on January 24, 2017, and published to Deviantart on February 1, 2017.


Miss Robot asks Mrs. AMP to borrow a chemical. When denied, she puts on a mustache and says she needs chemicals for research. Mrs. AMP easily sees through this disguise and kicks out Miss Robot.

Miss Robot then paints herself blue and claims to be Miss Robot 2.0.. Mrs. AMP asks why a math teacher needs science chemicals before she notices an orange spot on "Miss Robot 2.0.".


  • Miss Robot
  • Mrs. AMP
  • Kerbi (Cameo)
  • Miss Robot 2.0. (Not seen, but Miss Robot disguises herself as 2.0. to try and get a chemical)


  • This comic was made on the two year anneversity of Stiltlet's old deviantart account.