Kerbi is a character in Academy Misadventures.


Kerbi is a childish, incorrigible idiot. He often messes around in school and disrupts Mrs. Amp's class and tends to annoy her. 


Kerbi tends to be annoying with all his mischief. People say he's less annoying than Miss Robot, but he still gets on people's nerves.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Kerbi tends to annoy the other people, but who he doesn't annoy, he gets along with.

​Mrs. AMPEdit

Mrs. AMP Hates Kerbi. However, Kerbi likes Mrs. AMP. Kerbi says that he breaks her stuff and ruins her class because he thinks she likes it. Mrs. AMP wants to add Kirby to a new school and is fed up with his behavior

​Miss RobotEdit

Kerbi and Miss Robot seem to get along well. They usually team up to do naughty things in the school, and both agree on various things, such as how the Earth is flat and how 1+1=3.


Kerbi hates Nurbi. He often calls him a nerd and disapproves of the lifestyle of reading books. He often burns Nurbi's books and punches and bullies Nurbi.


Breno does not like Kerbi, as he finds Kerbi to be dumb and annoying.

Mrs. KentuEdit

Mrs. Kentu does not like Kerbi, as he disrupts, and commonly disrespects classic technology and doesn't care for History. He also recently gave Miss Robot directions to the class and once ordered a pizza in her class.


Kerbi has a massive crush on Kerbaia. He often tries to impress her, such as drinking two chemicals at a time instead of one, which stained the school's carpet. Kerbaia does not seem to like Kerbi.



Kirby's TARS artwork.

Kerbi was originally a character in TARS, in the school comics. While he shares this trait with most of the characters, the big difference with Kerbi was that he, alongside Nurbi, were originally kirbies instead of humans. He originally went as "Kirby." There were two big reasons why Kerbi, alongside Nurbi, went through the change from Kirby to human.

The first reason is that Kerbi fit in as TARS had quite a few Kirby characters, which allowed Kerbi to blend in with some of the cast. However, being one of the only two school kirbys to return, Kerbi felt out of place, so he was changed.

The second and bigger reason is that Kerbi and Nurbi were the only characters that were technically not made solely for TARS/ACAM, due to being kirbies. With Kerbi and Nurbi being transformed into humans, all the ACAM characters were now made by Stiltlet without having a design being copied from something else.

Kerbi however still retains his original personality, just a new appearance.



  • Kerbi's full name is Kerbi McIdiot.
  • Kerbi was featured on the Series Generations artwork made by Stiltlet, being shown on the ARA side. This artwork featured the main character from every series, meaning Stilt considers Kerbi the main character of Academy Misadventures.
    • Since he existed during TARS with a different design, it would make sense if he was included on the TARS side, but ACAM was made after TARS, so he was put on the ARA side.
  • Before Academy Misadventures was put on the ARA Chat discord, Kerbi was referred to as "Codename K", as he was shown on teasers for ACAM.
  • Kerbi was shown the most on ACAM teasers, as he had a different design, unlike other characters, who had the same designs. Mrs. Amp only appeared in a twisted drawing. Miss Robot made a minor cameo, and her wheel was shown.
  • Kerbi wears pink because Miss Robot told him it was the manliest color ever.