"CURSES! Kerbi, we need to strategize."
      —Miss Robot in Comic 1

 Miss Robot is one of the characters in Academy Misadventures.


Miss Robot is a robot built to teach the kids. However, someone decided to open up a website called This caused Miss Robot to get hacked daily. She is commonly ditching class, burning things, and in general just being plain retarded. The hacking got so bad that she started to hack herself!


Miss Robot tends to be annoying to other characters. She is very self absorbed, believing she is the best thing to exist on the earth. However, as shown with Kerbi, she does get along with others, as Kerbi and Miss Robot work together a lot.


Miss Robot has a different appearance then most of the characters. Instead of 2 circles with black sticks for arms and legs, she consists of two orange boxes with orange claws and a black wheel. Her mouth is a generic robot mouth, which doesn't open. Sometimes it curves into a slight smile or frown, but tends to be a generic robot mouth. She is one of the only characters to have eye sockets instead of two black dots for eyes. Her eyes are usually derped out, as seen in the picture in the infobox.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Miss Robot is usually an annoyance to most characters. A few characters like her, but she tends to get on the nerves of people.


Kerbi and Miss Robot are partners in crime. Being the two main idiots in the school, they often team up to cause mischief in the school. 

Mrs. AMPEdit

Mrs. AMP used to be fine with Miss Robot, until Miss Robot started to get hacked. Mrs. AMP now hates Miss Robot, as Miss Robot always comes in through the window to say hello in the middle of the lesson.

Miss Robot 2.0.Edit

Miss Robot and Miss Robot 2.0. are always arguing about who is the better Miss Robot.


In Miss Robot gets fired, Miss Robot is fired for saying a vocabulary word. She is then on pursuit for new jobs to support her water addiction.


Someone ends up drowning. Miss Robot is looking the other direction, at a huge water slide. She decides to go on the water slide when she notices the drowning man. Forgetting the fact she is the lifeguard, she says that someone should be doing their job before heading off to the water slide.




  • Miss Robot ditches class more times than every kiddie combined, even though she is a teacher.
  • According to herself, her first name is actually "Miss".
  • Miss Robot is the only character from TARS to keep the same design in ACAM.
  • A running gag in the series is of Miss Robot saying "Curses!"