Miss Robot's Classroom is a classroom where Miss Robot teaches the kiddies.


MS paint classroom

map of the room

The entrance to the classroom is on the far right of the room. There is a bookshelf and a closet containing chemicals. Miss Robot's desk is right next to the entrance. The whiteboard is by Miss Robot's desk. The left wall is full of posters. One of the posters can be walked through to a secret passageway leading to Mrs. AMP's chemicals.


  • Due to the declining long word usage in the county, english teachers will be fired if vocab words are not studied. Miss Robot goes over the vocab words and does a test to keep her job, but saying any vocab word in front of Miss Robot results in a suspension, or maybe even an execution.
  • In the class, two comfortable teacher chairs go around for two lucky kiddies to sit in. However after multiple people claimed the chair multiple days in a row, Miss Robot started playing pranks, such as putting thumbtacks and whoopie cushions on the chair, making the chairs remote control operated, and hiding the chairs in other classrooms.