Nurbi is a character in Academy Misadventures.


Nurbi is the biggest nerd in the entire school. He often reads books. Kerbi, his brother, heavily disapproves of this kind of lifestyle. He and Miss Robot usually burn Nurbi's books.


Nurbi was originally a character in TARS, in the school comics. While he shares this trait with most of the characters, the big difference with Nurbi was that he, alongside Kerbi, were originally kirbies instead of humans. He originally went as "Nurby." There were two big reasons why Nurbi, alongside Kerbi, went through the change from Kirby to human.

The first reason is that Kerbi fit in as TARS had quite a few Kirby characters, which allowed Nurbi to blend in with some of the cast. However, being one of the only two school kirbys to return, Nurbi felt out of place, so he was changed.

The second and bigger reason is that Kerbi and Nurbi were the only characters that were technically not made solely for TARS/ACAM, due to being kirbies. With Kerbi and Nurbi being transformed into humans, all the ACAM characters were now made by Poyo Ride without having a design being copied from something else.

Nurbi however still retains his original personality, just a new appearance.

However, his name was still changed. This was so his name was similar to Kerbi's.