Know the rules
Every wiki needs rules to keep the wiki in order. These are the rules for the Academy Misadventures wiki.

Rule Notes

Crossed out rules are not actually in effect

Editing Rules

  1. We do not allow pages for characters that were not made by Poyo Ride.
  2. Do not change any of the personalities of any character, or any backstories.
  3. We also do not allow pages for your own comics. However, your comics are allowed on the Fan Made Comics  article.
  4. Please make sure images on the article are somewhat related to the article. 
  5. Despite rules 1 and 3, we do allow fanart of characters to be put on pages. Usually I'll put them in their own gallery seprate from the main gallery.
  6. Don't add pages for things that have nothing to do with ACAM.
  7. If you have a spin off series of ACAM, such as an animated series, you can make a page for it. However, only one. Any exclusive characters, comics, voice actors  or episodes go on that one page, and info about that fan series does not leak into the main articles.
  8. Don't remove things for no reason.
  9. The comments section exists for a good reason. Don't post your opinions on characters/other things on the main article. Do that in the comments section for the article.
  10. No milking. That's when you remove a section and readd it letter by letter for badges.

Other Rules

  1. No wars, we want a peaceful wiki
  2. Be nice, don't bully the other users.
  3. If you don't like something on the wiki, don't vandalize it or make a huge deal about it.
  4. Admin Status is earned, not given. Don't beg me for it.
  5. This is not a mandatory rule, but, if you do not have an account, and you do meet the requirements to make a wikia account, it'd be cool if you were to make an account.